QUIZ FOOD as Fuel Quiz

Quiz     FOOD as Fuel

10 Quick, Morning-Proof Breakfasts

10 Sneaky Signs of Stress

Slideshow     10 Sneaky Signs of Stress

10 Ways to Get Hyped

Slideshow     10 Ways to Get Hyped

10 Yoga Poses for Instant Energy

12 Healthy Ways to Relax

Slideshow     12 Healthy Ways to Relax

12 Tips for a Stress-Free Prom

14 Healthy Ways to Relax for Kids

3 Rumors About Stress

Article     3 Rumors About Stress

4 Tips for Sticking With Exercise

4 Types of Exercise

5 Fun Ways to Keep Your Family fit!

5 Minutes to Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day

5 Reasons to Toss Out Your Skinny Jeans

5 Truths About Teens and Screens

6 Lies You Tell Yourself Slideshow

6 Secrets to Ordering Food

6 Ways to Eat for a Better Mood

6 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

7 Foods You Think Are Healthy

9 Ways to Make a Child's Bedtime Easy

A No-Gym-Class Plan for Exercise

AB&J Sushi Rolls

Video     AB&J Sushi Rolls

Abby Breaks a Sad Mood

Slideshow     Abby Breaks a Sad Mood

Abby Finds a Sweet Snack

Slideshow     Abby Finds a Sweet Snack

After-School Snacks

Video     After-School Snacks

Alex Moves his Body

Story     Alex Moves His Body

Alex Tries a Fun Way to Move

Am I Really Hungry? A Food Fable

Are Fast-Food Advertisers Playing You?

Are TV and Video Games That Bad?

Banana Breakfast Bash

Video     Banana Breakfast Bash

Belly Breathing

Printable    Belly Breathing

Best Teen Workout Shoes Slideshow

Best Workout for Your Personality

Better Ways to Get More Energy

BMI Percentiles for Teens

Body and Mind Activity Cards

Boost Your Energy

Slideshow     Boost Your Energy

Bubble Rubble

Game    Bubble Rubble

Build a Better Meal

Slideshow     Build a Better Meal

Build a Meal: Check Your Plate

Building Your Family's Healthy Habits

Bust Bad Moods

Article     Bust Bad Moods

Bust Up a Bad Mood

Article     Bust Up a Bad Mood

Can You Make Good Vending Machine Choices?

Celebrity Bodies: How Stars Make Peace With Their "Flaws"

Celebrity Workout Quiz: Do You Know How Stars Get Fit?

Challenge Check-in - 4 per page

Printable      Challenge Check-in - 4 per page


Challenge Tracker - 4 fit

Printable     Challenge Tracker - 4 fit

Challenge Tracker - 4 FOOD

Printable     Challenge Tracker - 4 FOOD

Challenge Tracker - 4 MOOD

Challenge Tracker - 4 MOVE

Challenge Tracker - 4 RECHARGE

Challenge Tracker - FOOD

Printable     Challenge Tracker - FOOD

Challenge Tracker - Know Your MOOD

Challenge Tracker - MOOD

Printable     Challenge Tracker - MOOD

Challenge Tracker - MOVE

Printable     Challenge Tracker - MOVE

Challenge Tracker - RECHARGE

Challenge Tracker: Topic 7 Motivate Your MOOD

Chef Lizzie on FOOD

Video     Chef Lizzie on FOOD

Chef Lizzie on MOOD

Video     Chef Lizzie on MOOD

Chef Lizzie on MOVE

Video     Chef Lizzie on MOVE

Chef Lizzie on Recharge

Chef Lizzie: Banana Breakfast Bash

Chef Lizzie: Fizzy Fruits

Chef Lizzie: Green Eggs and Ham

Chef Lizzie: Italian Chicken Fingers

Chef Lizzie: Salmon Turtles

Chef Lizzie: Turkey Taco Wraps

Chef Lizzie: Veggies and Hummus

Choose a Healthy Drink

Printable     Choose a Healthy Drink

Connect the Dots Game

Cool School Lunch-Bento Style

Dealing With Bullies: Survival Skills

Delicious, Filling Foods That Don't Pack on Pounds

Denny is Too Tired

Slideshow     Denny is Too Tired

Dining Out Guide

Printable     Dining Out Guide

Do the Chicken Stretch!

Do the Fit Thing

Song     Do the Fit Thing

Do You Eat Breakfast?

Video     Do You Eat Breakfast?

Do You Know How Animals Sleep?

Does This Count as Dinner?

Eat a FOOD Rainbow

Game     Eat a FOOD Rainbow

Eating: Get Your Mind in the Game

Educator's Guide

Printable     Educator's Guide

Emotion Control

Video     Emotion Control

Energy Drinks' Evil Powers

Slideshow     Energy Drinks' Evil Powers

Exercise Benefits Your Whole Body

Farm Animal Dancing Game

Feeding Your Friends

Video     Feeding Your Friends

Feeling Faces

Printable  Feeling Faces

Feeling Good About Yourself

Feelings Chart

Printable      Feelings Chart

Fight the Late-Night Munchies

Find the Fruits and Veggies

fit Challenge Tracker-4 per page

Fit Challenge Trackers

FIT Connection for Kids: Food

FIT Connection for Kids: Mood

FIT Connection for Kids: Move

FIT Connection for Kids: Recharge

FIT Connection for Teens: Food

FIT Connection for Teens: Healthy Weight

FIT Connection for Teens: Mood

FIT Connection for Teens: Move

FIT Connections for Teens: Recharge

fit FOOD Horoscope

fit FOOD Horoscope

fit MOOD Horoscope

fit MOOD Horoscope

fit MOVE Horoscope

fit MOVE Horoscope

fit RECHARGE Horoscope

fit RECHARGE Horoscope

FIT Teen BMI Calculator

fitBoost cards 1 3/4 x 2 1/2

Printable     fitBoost Cards 16 per sheet

fitBoost cards 2x3

Printable     fitBoost Cards 9 per sheet

fit-Check Challenge Tracker

fit-Check Reminder

Printable    fit-Check Reminder

Fitness Challenge

Game     Fitness Challenge

Fizzy Fruit

Video  Fizzy Fruit

Followed Bedtime Steps Award

FOOD as Fuel

Slideshow     FOOD as Fuel

Food as Fuel Quiz

Quiz     Food as Fuel Quiz

Food Award: I Ate a Green Vegetable!

Food Award: I Ate A New Fruit Today!

Food Award: I Ate Vegetables Today!

Food Award: I Tried a New Vegetable!

Food Challenge Tracker

Printable     FOOD Challenge Tracker

Food Face Game

Game      Food Face Game

Food Fight: Orange Versus Orange Juice Battle

FOOD LABELS: Read What You Eat!

FOOD Tracker-4 per page

Printable      FOOD Tracker-4 per page

Fruit Bites for Kids: Apples

Fruit Bites for Kids: Orange

Fruit Bites for Kids: Peach

Fruit Bites for Kids: Watermelon

Fruit Bites for Teens: Apples

Fruit Bites for Teens: Bananas

Fruit Bites for Teens: Grapes

Fruit Bites for Teens: Kiwano Melon

Get Off Your Butt

Article     Get Off Your Butt

Get Ready for Bed

Printable  Get Ready for Bed

Go on an Adventure: Obstacle Course

Grab-N-Go Breakfast Recipes

Green Eggs and Ham

Green, Yellow, and Red FOOD Chart

Guess My Song: Dancing Game

Happiness Quiz: Do You Know How to Get in a Good Mood?

Healthy Choices Maze

Game      Healthy Choices Maze

Healthy Food Hunt

Game     Healthy Food Hunt

Healthy Food Sign: Happy Heart Foods

Healthy Food Sign: Whole Grains

Healthy Foods Chart

Printable  Healthy Foods Chart

Healthy Kids Bingo

Game     Healthy Kids Bingo

Healthy Kids Bingo

Printable     Healthy Kids Bingo

Healthy Me

Printable  Healthy Me

Help the fit Friends Relax

Help the FIT Friends Relax

Helping Kids' MOODS

Article     Helping Kids' Moods

Holiday Foods From Around the World


Printable     Hopscotch Instructions

How Do You Deal With a Bad Mood

How do you get ready for sleep or a nap?

How Do You Stay Active?

Video      How Do You Stay Active?

How Exercise Boosts Your Brain

How Exercise Boosts Your Brain

How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink? Be a Sugar Detective.

How to Find an Exercise You'll Love

How to Fix Kids' Top 5 Sleep Problems

How to Get Kids to Love Exercise

How to Get Motivated to Move

How to Grow a Better Brain

How to Make Bedtime Easier for Kids

How to Make the Perfect Workout Playlist

How to Power Nap in 4 Simple Steps

How to Tame Your Anger

I Am Mad Game

Printable  I Am Mad Game

I Am Sad Game

Printable  I Am Sad Game

I Hate PE Class

Article  I Hate PE Class

I Moved Without TV Award

I Played or Danced Awards

I Read or Listened to Music Awards

I Spy Healthy Foods

I Talked About Feelings Award

I Went to Bed

Printable       I Went to Bed

Ice Cream Myths and Facts Quiz: Eat Smart

Ice Cream Quiz: Can You Pick the Best Frozen Treats?

Italian Chicken Fingers

Juice Jumble

Game  Juice Jumble

Kids' Recipe: AB&J Sushi Rolls

Kids' Recipe: Ants on a Log

Kids' Recipe: Apple Slices with Peanut Butter

Kids' Recipe: Bagel Fruit Face

Kids' Recipe: Baked Apples

Kids' Recipe: Banana Popsicles

Kids' Recipe: Cheese Tortilla

Kids' Recipe: English Muffin Veggie Pizza

Kids' Recipe: Fruit and Cheese Pretzel Kabobs

Kids' Recipe: Lettuce Boats

Kids' Recipe: Trail Mix

Kids' Recipe: Yogurt Sundae

Kids' Top 6 Worries: How to Fix Them

Life of … a Tomato

Make a "Happy and Healthy" Flag

Make a "Move! Jar"

Activity  Make a "Move! Jar"

Make a Comfy Place for Quiet Time

Make a fit choice! Poster

Poster     Make a fit Choice!

Make a Good Mood Book

Make Moody Puppets

Activity  Make Moody Puppets

Make Your Own Trail Mix

Make Your Plate

Printable     Make Your Plate

Marty Chooses a Healthy Drink

Marty Rests and Relaxes

Meet the <em class="chevin-bold">fit</em> Friends poster

Poster     Meet the fit Friends

Mood Award: I Rested to Feel Better!

MOOD Challenge Tracker

Printable     MOOD Challenge Tracker

MOOD Challenge Tracker

MOOD Check Challenge Tracker

Mood Match

Printable  Mood Match

MOOD Tracker-4 per page

Printable      MOOD Tracker-4 per page

MOVE + Mixer

Activity     MOVE + Mixer

Move Award: I Ate Healthy Food!

Move Award: I Moved Today!

MOVE Challenge Tracker

Printable      MOVE Challenge Tracker

Move Memory Matching Game

MOVE Tracker-4 per page

My First 5K: Beginner to Finish Line


Printable  My FIT FOOD Book

My Fit MOOD Book

Printable  My Fit MOOD Book

My Fit MOVE Book

Printable  My Fit MOVE Book


My MOVE Chart

Printable  My Move Chart

MyPlate Blast Off Game

MyPlate Kids' Place

Pair Exercise With Your Hobby

Peer Pressure: How It Affects You

Pick a Perfect Portion

Pick Chow

Play Your MOOD Away

Video     Play Your MOOD Away

Power Drinks: Sweet and Powerful Facts

Pretend You're in a Perfect Place

Quiz The Skinny on Fat

Quiz: Are Carbs Evil?

Quiz: Athlete Workout Mottos

Quiz: Can You Spot a Dangerous Diet?

Quiz: Can You Spot a Toxic Friend?

Quiz: Dealing With Breakups and a Broken Heart

Quiz: Fun Freaky Sports Trivia

Quiz: How to Survive an Attack of the Mega Portions

Quiz: Know How to Get What You Want?

Quiz: Test Your Stress Smarts

Quiz: Weird, Wacky Fruit Facts

Raising fit Kids

Website     Raising fit Kids

RECHARGE Challenge Tracker

Printable      RECHARGE Challenge Tracker

RECHARGE Tracker-4 per page

Printable      RECHARGE Tracker-4 per page

Red Plate, Green Plate Game

Relax With a "Take a Break Basket"

Relax Without TV Chart

Rested to Feel Better Chart

Resting and Relaxing Without TV Awards

Salmon Turtles

Sam Gets Mad and Calms Down

Santa Trivia: How Healthy is Santa?

Scavenger Hunt

Game     Scavenger Hunt

Scope and Sequence

Secrets of Easy Exercise

Secrets of Easy Exercise

Secrets of Olympic Athletes

Secrets to Making Yummy (Healthy) Sweets and Desserts

Sing About Your Feelings

Slap Snack Cards

Smart Snacking for Teens

Smash Your Food

Game       Smash Your Food

Snack Tracker

Printable       Snack Tracker Challenge

Snacks Quiz: Is Your Snack Supersized?

Soft Drinks: Liquid Candy

Stop-and-Go Snacks Food Game

Sugar: The Other Teen Drinking Problem

Survive a Technology Grounding

Teenager Sleep Tips

The "I Can't Fall Asleep" Game

The <em class="chevin-bold">fit</em> Connection for Kids

The Bold Banana

The FIT Connection for Teens

The I'm So Hungry Games

The Life of … a Quinoa Seed

The Life of … a Soda

Slideshow      The Life of … a Soda

The Life of … a Tuna

The Move Cube

Printable  The Move Cube

The Sleep and Weight Connection

The Weight Loss Myth of Fad Diets

There's Nothing in the Fridge!

Think Your Way to Healthy Eating

Too Much Sugar

Video     Too Much Sugar

Top Ways to Tame Test Stress

Topic 1: Be a fit Kid - Challenge Guide

Topic 1: Be a fit Kid - Educator Guide

Topic 1: Be a fit Kid - Student Materials

Topic 10: Action Pack Your Day - Challenge Guide

Topic 10: Action Pack Your Day - ChallengeTracker

Topic 10: Action Pack Your Day - Educator's Guide

Topic 10: Action Pack Your Day - Student Materials

Topic 10: MOVE Activity Diagram

Topic 12: Excuses, Excuses! - Challenge Tracker

Topic 12: Excuses, Excuses - Challenge Guide

Topic 12: Excuses, Excuses! - Educator's Guide

Topic 12: Excuses, Excuses! - Student Materials

Topic 13: Drink Posters

Printable     Topic 13: Drink Posters

Topic 13: Drink Tally

Printable     Topic 13: Drink Tally

Topic 13: Sugar Counts - Challenge Guide

Topic 13: Sugar Counts - Educator's Guide

Topic 13: Sugar Counts Week-long Tally Challenge

Topic 14: RECHARGE Daily - Challenge Guide

Topic 14: RECHARGE Daily - Educator's Guide

Topic 14: RECHARGE Daily - Student Materials

Topic 15: Power Your Brain - Educator's Guide

Topic 16 I Think I Can - Educator's Guide

Topic 16 Rusty and Trusty Journey Story

Topic 16: I Think I Can - Challenge Guide

Topic 16: I Think I Can - Student Materials

Topic 17 Student Materials

Printable     Topic 17: MOOD Poster

Topic 17: Bust an "I Won't" MOOD - Challenge Guide

Topic 17: Bust an "I Won't" MOOD - Challenge Tracker

Topic 17: Bust an "I Won't" MOOD - Educator's Guide

Topic 18: Portion Savvy - Challenge Guide

Topic 18: Portion Savvy - Challenge Tracker

Topic 18: Portion Savvy - Educator's Guide

Topic 18: Portion Savvy - Student Materials

Topic 19: Get Charged Up - Challenge Guide

Topic 19: Get Charged Up - Challenge Tracker

Topic 19: Get Charged Up - Educator's Guide

Topic 19: Get Charged Up - Student Materials

Topic 2 Know Your MOOD - Student Materials

Topic 2: Know Your MOOD - Challenge Guide

Topic 2: Know Your MOOD - Educator's Guide

Topic 20 Challenge Guide

Topic 20 Challenge Tracker

Topic 20 Educator's Guide

Topic 20 Student Materials

Topic 3 Student Materials

Printable     Topic 3 Student Materials

Topic 3: FOOD is Fuel - Challenge Guide

Topic 3: FOOD is Fuel - Educator's Guide

Topic 4: Energize! - Challenge Guide

Topic 4: Energize! - Educator's Guide

Topic 4: Energize! - Student Materials

Topic 5: MOVE 60 Ways

Printable     MOVE 60 Ways Chart

Topic 5: Move Many Ways - Challenge Guide

Topic 5: MOVE Many Ways - Educator's Guide

Topic 5: MOVE Planner

Printable      MOVE Planner

Topic 5: Move Your Body

Printable      Move Your Body

Topic 6: <em class="chevin-bold">fit</em>-check - Educator's Guide

Topic 6: fit-check

Printable     fit-check

Topic 6: fit-Check - Challenge Guide

Topic 7: <em class="chevin-bold">fit</em> tip

Printable     fit tip

Topic 7: I Can Plan

Printable     I Can Plan

Topic 7: Motivate Your MOOD - Challenge Guide

Topic 7: Motivate Your MOOD - Educator's Guide

Topic 8: fit FOOD Choices - Challenge Guide

Topic 8: fit FOOD Choices - Educator's Guide

Topic 8: FOOD Chart

Printable     FOOD Chart to record meals and snacks

Topic 8: Green FOOD Choices-Choose Your Plate

Topic 8: Green, Yellow, Red Food List

Topic 9: Venn Diagram

Printable     Topic 9 Venn Diagram

Topic 9: Your Sleep Zone - Challenge Guide

Topic 9: Your Sleep Zone - Educator's Guide

Track Your Exercise

Activity     Track Your Exercise

Try This: 12 Sneaky Exercises

Try This: Fun Backyard Games

Try This: Fun Recess Games

Try This: Hunger Check

Try This: Is It a Fad Diet?

Try This: Judge Good TV Shows

Try This: Make the Perfect Sleep Zone

Try This: Stretching Exercises

Try This: Take a Brain Break

Try This: Take an Activity Break

Try This: Talk About Your Problems

Try This: Vegetable Challenge for Teens

Try This: Vegetable Game for Kids

Turkey Taco Wraps

TV Screen Game

Printable  TV Screen Game

Understanding the FIT Platform for Kids

Understanding the FIT Platform for Teens

Vegetable Faces

Veggie Bites for Kids: Asparagus

Veggie Bites for Kids: Broccoli

Veggie Bites for Kids: Carrot

Veggie Bites for Kids: Green Peas

Veggie Bites for Kids: Sweet Potato

Veggie Bites for Teens: Broccoli

Veggie Bites for Teens: Carrots

Veggie Bites for Teens: Edamame

Veggie Bites for Teens: Kale

Veggie Bites for Teens: Sweet Potatoes

Veggies and Hummus

What Do You Consider Fun Exercise?

What Do You Do to Relax?

What Exercise Do You Like to Do?

What Food Am I?

What Food is Healthy?

Video     What Food is Healthy?

What Kids Eat Quiz: Food Around the World

What Makes You Happy?

What Puts You in a Bad Mood?

What's In Your Food? How to Read Packaging

What's Making Me Fat? What Can I Do?

What's Sleep Got to Do With Weight?

What's Your Exercise Personality?

What's Your Favorite Food?

What's Your Mind Got to Do With Eating?

Why Your Good Study Habits are Wrong

Why Your Parents Should Let You Sleep

Winter Activities: It's Not Too Cold Outside to Play

You Can Do It

Article    You Can Do It

Your Child's Bedtime Routine

Your Day, You Decide

Your Head-to-Toe Sleep Guide

Yummy Foods That Fill You Up