Objectives for Students

Students will be able to:

  • Describe FOOD as "fuel for a healthy body and brain."
  • Identify healthy food and drink choices.


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Session 1           ​                                   Session 3
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Session 4                                                Session 5
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Education Standards

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Prior Knowledge
FOOD is fuel for your body. “FOOD” is what you eat and drink to give your body energy to move and think. Rather than simply classifying foods as good or bad, encourage children to stop and think, then choose the best fuel (foods that supply nutrition and energy rather than empty calories. For more information on healthy eating, go to MyPlate.gov).
fit Tip

Think Your FOOD! Water is great fuel for your body and brain. Drink up!

Family Message

FOOD is fuel for your body and brain! Just like a rocket needs the right fuel to run well, your child is learning that a variety of foods and beverages will provide him or her with the best fuel. Ask your child what it means to “Think Your FOOD.” They should be able to tell you that it means to choose the best food, like lots of fruit and veggies at mealtime and snacktime, and to drink water or milk.

Learn more at fit.webmd.com/kids/article/kids-fit-connection-balance 


Get started! Launch slides below to begin the lesson.

FOOD is Fuel

Students go on a space mission to help them understand that choosing the best fuel for their bodies is important.

Just like rockets need the right fuel, so do our bodies.

Your Best Fuel

Explain the following key points:

  • Healthy foods are the best fuel to power your body and brain.
  • MyPlate serves as a guide to understand healthy foods and portion sizes. 
  • Don’t forget about water! It’s a healthy fuel too.  

Today's Choices

Challenge students to think of their bodies as rockets. What fuel will they choose for their next meal? 

Download the How to Build a Meal poster for students to post at home.

Fruit or Vegetable?

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Explain that tomatoes are fruits because they grow from flowers and contain seeds. Most think they are a vegetable, because they are used in salads.

What about green beans? Yes, they are also a fruit. So are pumpkins, cucumbers, and any other plant with flowers that become fruit!

Fill'er Up!

Watch the interactive slideshow, FOOD as Fuel.
Discuss the slideshow’s key messages:
  • FOOD gives energy and fuels your body.
  • Eat three meals during the day; 1-2 small healthy snack choices are okay.
  • Choose fuels to help you be your best: protein, whole grains, fruit and veggies, milk and water.

Healthy FOOD Hunt

Download the Healthy FOOD Hunt activity for students to look for healthy foods at home.

If they find healthy foods that are not pictured, write or draw them on the back of the page.



Does All Milk Come From Cows?

Milk can be made from soy, rice, or nuts such as almonds.

Poll your students to see that kinds of milk they drink.

Your Drink Choices

Watch a slideshow about healthy beverage choices, Life of a...Soda.

Explain that milk and water are healthy beverage choices to power your body and brain. 

Water is the best choice to quench a thirst!

Best Drink Choices

Challenge students to think of their body as a rocket.

What will they choose to drink with their next meal? What about with their next snack?

Snack Choices

Students take a quiz about snack choices. They show their answers by standing on their right or left foot.  

Make the Easy Choice

Watch Chef Lizzy make healthy snacks and drinks the easy choice in Feeding Your Friends.

Snack Fuel

Encourage healthy snack choices by asking students to draw a snack choice. You may use My Healthy Snack handout for student drawings.

Option: ​Inspire healthy snack choices with the FOOD Face Game or print the Vegetable Faces activity to make a real veggie face!

Blast Off

Choose the best fuel for each rocket.

FOOD is Fuel

Review key points:

FOOD gives you energy to grow and think.

Foods with the fewest ingredients are the best kinds of fuel for your body (e.g., choose an apple vs. chips, or water vs. soda pop)

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and make water or milk your first beverage choice.


Think Your FOOD

Students create a poster to show others their healthy FOOD choices.

Option: Download My Choices to use as the poster template.