Fit Challenge

Challenges are presented in two parts:

  1. Lift Off: Introduce the challenge to students.
  2. Take Action: Students track their own participation and progress.

Challenge: Get your sleep. 
Set your bedtime to get 9-12 hours of sleep.

Each night, write down the time you go to bed, then write down the time you get up the next morning.
Count the hours so you know how many hours of sleep you had to RECHARGE your energy.

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Get started! Launch slides below to begin the challenge.


It's Challenge Week!

With each fit Challenge, students activate healthy habits through the meaningful practice of fit choices. The challenge concludes with students activating their friends and family to make fit choices too!

This challenge is all about energy! Students are challenged to get 9-12 hours of sleep each night. 

The challenge begins with students checking their energy. 


Review Topic 4: Energize! before beginning the challenge.

Challenge: Get your sleep. 
Set your bedtime to get 9-12 hours of sleep.

Explain to students that for this challenge, they will keep track of the time they go to bed and the time they get up in the morning. This will tell them how many hours of sleep they had to restore your energy for the next day.

Do It!

Get your sleep. 
Set your bedtime to get 9-12 hours of sleep.

Prepare to track the challenge. How will you show student participation? You can chart your students’ bedtimes and wake-up times or apply math skills and have student’s count their hours and create a class average. 

Decide which challenge tracker (see options above) you will use. 

Challenge Check In

Check student progress by polling students with a show of hands to show participation each day until you are ready to wrap up the challenge.

Discuss the challenge with questions such as:

  • Stand on one foot if the challenge is easy for you. What makes it easy?
  • Raise both hands in the air if the challenge is difficult for you. What makes it difficult?

Challenge Wrap Up

Lead a class discussion on the final day of your challenge:

  • What propelled you forward through the challenge? Did you write down your bedtime to remind you to get your sleep? 
  • What held you back while attempting the challenge? Did an evening activity stop you from going to bed on time?

Discuss how students can overcome any obstacles during a challenge.


Congratulate and/or recognize students for successfully completing the challenge.

Challenge Others

Encourage students to challenge another person to do the fit challenge. They can challenge friends, family, or even their teachers! If challenging an adult, the recommended hours of sleep are 7-9.