Fit Challenge

It's fit Challenge Week! Challenge Weeks are a quick and easy way for students to apply what they have learned through each of the fit topics so they can progress to adoption and maintenance of healthy habits.

Challenges are presented in two parts:

  1. Lift Off: Use the slideshow to review the topic and launch the challenge.
  2. Take Action: Options are provided to track participation and progress, then followed with extension activities so students can be a health advocate and challenge others. 


The Challenge: Make fit FOOD choices.
Eat breakfast every day.

Plan healthy breakfasts for each morning using MyPlate.


Challenge Guide - Select to View/Print

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Student Materials: Select to View/Print          

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Get started! Launch slides below to begin the challenge.

It's Challenge Week!

With each fit Challenge, students activate healthy habits through the meaningful practice of fit choices. The challenge concludes with students activating their friends and family to make fit choices too!

With this week’s challenge, students will track their food choices at breakfast time.

Begin by rating Alex’s breakfast choices.

Shake Up Your Wake Up

Begin with a quick review of Topic 23: Shake Up Your Wake Up before introducing the challenge.

Make fit FOOD choices. 

Eat breakfast every day.

Plan healthy breakfasts for each morning using MyPlate.

What will students choose to eat this week? Can they choose healthy portions for each of the five categories?

Students record their food choices each morning of the challenge.

Do It!

Make fit FOOD choices. 
Eat breakfast every day.

Prepare to track the challenge. A daily tracker form is provided (see below) for students to use to track their food choices. 

Option: Keep a running count of your class totals and make a graph or chart as a mathematics activity. 

Challenge Check In

Check student progress each day until you are ready to wrap up the challenge. 

Ask all students who chose healthy breakfasts to stand up.

Next, ask students to stand up if this challenge was harder than they thought it would be. 

Discussion questions:

  • Is this an easy or a difficult challenge? What makes it easy? What makes it difficult?

Challenge Wrap Up

Lead a class discussion on the final day of your challenge:

  • What propelled you forward through the challenge? Did friends or family encourage you? What helped you to remember to track your breakfast choices?
  • Did anything hold you back while attempting the challenge? How do you overcome obstacles during a challenge?


Congratulate and/or recognize students for successfully completing the challenge. 

Challenge Others

Encourage students to challenge another person to train his or her brain. Challenge friends, siblings, and/or other family members.