Fit Challenge

Welcome to the fit Challenge Week! Challenge Weeks are a quick and easy way for students to apply​ what they have learned through each of the fit topics so they can progress to adoption and maintenance of healthy habits.

Challenges are presented in two parts:

  1. Lift Off: Use the slideshow to review the topic and launch the challenge.
  2. Take Action: Options are provided to track participation and progress, then followed with extension activities so students can be a health advocate and challenge others. 


The Challenge: Check Your MOOD After School

Check to see whether your MOOD is “I Will” or “I Won’t.” 
  • If your MOOD is “I Will,” what will be your healthy choice?
  • If your MOOD is “I Won’t,” do you decide to turn it around to make a healthy choice?


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Get started! Launch slides below to begin the challenge.

It's Challenge Week!

With each fit Challenge, students activate healthy habits through the meaningful practice of fit choices. The challenge concludes with students activating their friends and family to make fit choices too!

For this challenge, students check their MOOD after school to see if it is “I Will or “I Won’t.”

Begin the challenge by selecting the Part 1: Lift Off slideshow. Students will make facial expressions to show different feelings. 

Know Your MOOD

Review Topic 2: Know Your MOOD before beginning the challenge.

Your Challenge: Check your MOOD After School.

Check to see whether if there MOOD is “I Will” or “I Won’t.” Discuss the challenge:

  • If your MOOD is “I Will,” what will be your healthy choice?
  • If your MOOD is “I Won’t,” will you decide to turn it around to make a healthy choice?

Do It!

Check your MOOD after school.

Prepare to track the challenge: How will you track student participation? Your records can be as simple as tally marks or a more complex bar graph.

Decide which challenge tracker (see options above) you will use to track the MOOD checks.

  • Students who reported an “I Will” MOOD.
  • Students who reported turning an “I Won’t” MOOD around and making a fit choice.



Challenge Check In

Check student progress each day until you are ready to wrap up the challenge. 

Incorporate physical activity into the challenge check in: 

  • Ask students to stand. Then have them stay standing if they participated in the challenge and checked their MOOD after school.

Discussion questions:

  • Is this an easy or a difficult challenge? What makes it easy? Difficult?
  • Does your MOOD change from day to day?
  • What kinds of feelings put you in your MOOD?

Challenge Wrap Up

Lead a class discussion on the final day of your challenge:

  • What propelled you forward through the challenge. Did friends or family encourage you? What helped you to remember to check your MOOD after school?
  • What held you back while attempting the challenge? Were you able to talk yourself into making a healthy choice? Why or why not?
  • How can you overcome obstacles during a challenge?
  • What healthy choices did you make after you checked your MOOD?


Congratulate and/or recognize students for successfully completing the challenge. Encourage students to continue to check their MOOD and make fit choices over the weekend.

Challenge Others

Encourage students to challenge another person to do the fit challenge. Challenge friends, family, and teachers!