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Monday, June 3

Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month by exploring the options at your local farmer's market. What fresh foods can you find at a farmer's market?

The healthiest foods usually have the least amount of ingredients. This means fruits and vegetables are great fit choices. They will give you nutrients and energy without added ingredients, such as sugar. 

Shop Local
Ask a grown-up to take you to your local farmer's market this weekend. What foods would you look for?




Tuesday, June 4

Did you know you can grow foods in your backyard? Tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, and herbs are delicious and easy to plant and grow! 

Creating a garden in your backyard is a great way to learn about where your food comes from. Garden vegetables and herbs will have only the best ingredients because they came straight from the ground! 

Grow Your Garden
What would you plant in your garden? Brainstorm fruits and vegetables you can plant and then draw out what your garden would look like! 




Wednesday, June 5

Brainstorm fruits and vegetables that are yellow. Think outside the planter's box!
Pineapples, corn, and yellow pepper. 

Yellow foods are super nutritious! Check out what they contain and what those nutrients can do for you:  
Antioxidants- help you fight off illness
Vitamin C- helps build strong bones and muscles and helps your skin stay healthy 
Vitamin A- promotes healthy eyes

Grocery Store I Spy
Go to the grocery store and play "I Spy" to spot yellow foods. Challenge yourself to try a new yellow fruit or veggie this week! Here are a few to try: pineapples, corn, yellow pepper, yellow squash, banana, pear, and lemon. 




Thursday, June 6

Have you heard of edamame? It's a super healthy vegetable! Edamame can be eaten in soups, salads, vegetable stir fries, or even raw.  

Three or more servings of vegetables make your day healthy. Vegetables are a fit choice that will provide you with healthy carbs to give you energy throughout the day. They don't have to be boring. Mix it up and eat a variety of vegetables every day to be a fit kid!  

Veggie Takeover
Add vegetables to your lunch, snack, and dinner today. What creative ways can you sneak them in? Try some of these suggestions
Learn more about edamame and the nutrients it provides here.   




Friday, June 7

Have you tried fruit as a dessert? Besides snacks and side dishes, fruits can be a sweet treat to eat after dinner.

Fruits are usually sweet because they have some healthy, natural sugar. They also are packed with nutrients and water to keep you hydrated. Fruits, like bananas and apples, are the perfect "fast food" to eat on the go! 

Sweet Treat
When you come inside from playing on a hot summer day, grab frozen grapes or blueberries for a sweet snack. 
If you have more time, try a fruit smoothie or a fruit kebab!