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Monday, May 13

It's Bike to Work Week! Start each day feeling energized and motivated. If you're able, MOVE Your Body and bike to school each day this week.

Biking is just one great way to motivate your MOOD! Before or after school, get outside and MOVE Your Body in the fresh air. Even if it's ten minutes at a time, your body and brain will thank you. 

MOVE Challenge 
Think about the ways you MOVE each day. Then, make a list of your favorite ways to MOVE!




Tuesday, May 14

How many green foods can you eat this week? What fruits and veggies can you choose from to fill your plate with greens! 

Motivate Your MOOD and make the fit choice. Choose to eat a variety of green foods this week! There are more choices than you think; eat your favorite and try a couple new foods! 

FOOD Choices
Use this guide to choose the healthiest snack option. What green-colored fruits and veggies are on the list?




Wednesday, May 15

How much better do you feel when you get a good night's sleep? I dare you to get 10 hours of sleep tonight. You will feel amazing! 

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health!
If you don't get enough sleep, it is more difficult to remember things and you don't have as much energy to move and play. Make the most of your day and get your sleep! 

Sleep Challenge
Use this sleep calculator to check your zzzz's! Are you getting 9-12 hours each night? 
Check your energy level each morning! 




Thursday, May 16

You see it rise in the morning
And set when the day is done
It provides us with light and heat
It’s a star that’s called the _ _ _

RECHARGE Your Energy on a sunny spring day by spending time outdoors. Here are some quiet activities you can do while you hang in the fresh air:
-lay in the grass and look for shapes in the clouds
-read your favorite book 
-draw a picture 
-journal your thoughts
-stretch your body with some yoga poses

Relax Outdoors
What will you do to relax outside? Check out these yoga poses that you can do to refresh your energy! 




Friday, May 17

Turn your MOOD around and make the fit choice! When you feel bored or tired, ramp up your MOOD with a fit choice. Make your Friday great! 

Think ahead for this weekend. Can you plan your fit choices like bed times, healthy snacks, and MOVE activities? Set yourself up for a great MOOD by being prepared to make healthy FOOD, MOVE, and RECHARGE choices. Be prepared and see how easy it is to make the fit choice! 

Achieve Your Goals
Use this worksheet to write down your goals for the weekend!