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Monday, April 8

Spring celebrations! How do you make celebrations fit? Holidays and birthdays can be celebrated with fit FOOD and healthy MOVES! 

Spring is a great time to think about healthy ways to celebrate. Move your body and bike your birthday miles or throw a hula party! Rather than birthday cupcakes, make some fruit flowers or apple cinnamon chips!

Fizzy Fruit Drinks
Need a cold, bubbly drink for your upcoming celebration? Make these simple and tasty Fizzy Fruit Drinks




Tuesday, April 9

What are some spring FOOD items that you can add to your meals? 

Lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, and avocados are great fresh FOOD options to incorporate into your diet. Search your local grocery store to see what fresh and in-season produce they have. 

Make It a Meal
Add some spinach and tomato to your grilled cheese, zucchini to your pasta, and carrots to your salad! Ask your friends how they like to eat these yummy FOODS and then try it yourself.
Check out this recipe for a refreshing banana popsicle!  




Wednesday, April 10

Happy Siblings Day! After school, ask your brother or sister to make a healthy snack with you. No sibling? Ask a friend!

Snacks are important for your body to stay fueled and energized between bigger meals. Make sure that your snacks have protein to keep you fueled until your next meal plus carbohydrates and healthy fats to give you energy. Think about the snacks you normally eat. Do they have a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats? 

Try a New Snack
If you're craving something crunchy, refreshing, and packed with nutrients, try veggies (like carrots or celery) with hummus as an after-school snack. 




Thursday, April 11

Today is Pet Day! Get outside and walk your dog or play with your pet. Remember to bring water bottles with you!

Water is a necessary part of staying healthy. Remember to drink cold, fresh water all day long, especially when you are outside moving your body! Water and low-fat milk are fit FOOD choices to help your body and brain. 

Water, Water
Drink plenty of water while you are out and about walking your pet! Both you and your little animals need water to remain happy and healthy, so drink up! Tally your drink choices for the day with this tracker




Friday, April 12

Make lunch count! Whether you pack your own, or eat the school lunch, challenge yourself to eat as many colors on your plate as possible! 

Eat a variety of colors and you're on your way to a healthy day! Fruits and vegetables get their color naturally from micronutrients that are great for your health. Choose a rainbow of colors and you'll be one fit kid! 

Color Game
As a family, choose a color of the week! Get as many fruits and veggies of that color as you can find. What are your favorites? Vary your color selection each week and have your parents add your favorite picks to the weekly shopping list.