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Monday, February 18

Winter might seem like it's dragging on, but don't let the cold weather stop you from motivating your MOOD. Remember the fit choices you can make each day. 

When the sun isn't shining, it can be harder to find something to do. Wait, that's not true! There's a ton of indoor activities you can do to boost your MOOD.

MOVE the Boredom Away
Make a MOVE jar of your favorite activities. Next time you feel boredom sneaking in, pick something from your jar to do to turn your MOOD around. 




Tuesday, February 19

Check your MOOD before you choose your FOOD. Boredom can sometimes cause you to eat when you are not hungry. 

Sure, eating will keep you busy for a couple minutes, but then you are right back to being bored. Plus, you have had a snack your body did not ask for. fit Tip: Food does not fix boredom. 

Make the fit MOOD Choice
Read this article to learn about what bored Beth, tired Thomas, sad Scott, and hungry Hannah did to make the fit choice. 




Wednesday, February 20

Mid-week drowsiness? Make sure you are catching your zzzz's! How are you creating a bedtime routine and getting 9-12 hours of sleep each night?

Boredom and sleepiness are two very different moods that might be hard to tell apart. Take time to think about your fit choices. Did you get enough rest to RECHARGE? Have you fueled your body with the right FOOD? If you answered yes, you're probably just bored. Turn your MOOD around and Bust Your Boredom!

MOOD and Sleep
You are sure to learn something new about sleep from this article




Thursday, February 21

Think fit. Be fit! Are you making the healthiest choices today? 

Take a moment to check your MOOD (motivation) and energy level before picking a snack and beverage today.
Do I have energy?
Do I feel motivated?
Sometimes, you make choices automatically because you are tired or bored. When you stop and think about your MOOD and energy level, you are more likely to make a fit choice. 

Try It!
Today at recess, stop and think about your energy and MOOD - what will you choose to do? Make the fit choice!
Challenge yourself to use this hunger check to learn the difference between boredom and hunger.




Friday, February 22

It's World Thinking Day! What are you thinking about right now?

Taking time to think about the choices you make and how you feel can help boost your MOOD. Make sure you take time every day to sit back and think about what you can do to have the best MOOD. 

Turn Your MOOD Around
To bust your boredom, brainstorm and write down words and phrases that help put you in a fit MOOD.