Winter Ways to MOVE

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Monday, January 7

Get moving and clean off your desk or clean your locker. Make it fun and add some tunes and dance moves.

Anytime you get some physical activity, you burn energy and strengthen your bones and muscles. So when you are cleaning your desk or locker have some fun and dance away! If you finish before the song is over, break out some new moves! 

Get Physical
Many believe that you have to go to a gym or play a sport to benefit from physical activity. Not so! Anytime you get your body moving, you are active!  Watch this video for more ideas on how to stay active. 




Tuesday, January 8

Let’s have some fun and go ice skating! No ice? Skate indoors with paper plates.

Skating is a great way to get in some physical activity. Skating also develops muscle strength in your legs and helps your balance.  And, as a bonus, you improve your endurance for other physical activities as well!

Make Your Own Skates
Tape a paper plate to the bottom of each foot and skate around your house! Bend your knees and pump your arms for an extra workout!




Wednesday, January 9

Winter blahs starting to settle in? Improve your mood by getting active. Bundle up, go outside, and play a game of freeze tag!

You don't need to be in sports or go to a gym to benefit from physical activity. Simply get out of your chair and stand or walk around, park farther away from the entrance to the grocery store, or take the stairs instead of an elevator. Why not find a person or dog as a walking buddy and go for a walk? It all adds up to better health! 

Make a Commitment
Being active during your day is just as important as sleep, brushing your teeth, eating well, and drinking water. Set a reminder and schedule at least 30 minutes to do something active with your family. Play a game, go for a walk, exercise, or do some yoga together. The possibilities are endless!




Thursday, January 10

Brr, it’s cold outside!  So, do a physical activity indoors. Run up and down stairs, dance, or do an exercise video.

Do you know how you can tell how hard you are working when you are active?  If you can sing and talk while moving, your activity is light.  If you can talk but not sing, your activity is moderate. If you cannot sing or talk easily, your activity is vigorous.  All three levels are good for you. It’s best to try to get some of each.

Four Kinds of Exercise
Read about the four kinds of exercise—aerobic, muscle strengthening, bone strengthening, and stretching.  Pick one activity, then do the talk and sing test to see if your exercise is light, moderate, or vigorous.




Friday, January 11

What's your favorite way to work? Share your favorite activities that get your heart pumping. 

Now that the new year is under way, it's time to challenge yourself! Tomorrow is National Work Harder Day. Check to see if you are giving your best every day. Make sure you're working hard towards your MOVE goals. 

fitBoost Fun
Challenge yourself and family members to do an extra fitBoost today! Just a few minutes of heart pumping movement have great benefits in the long run.