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Monday, November 5

Do you feel rested with that extra hour of sleep from Daylight Savings?  Even though we "fall back," our bodies still need time to adjust. 

How can you ensure you feel rested? Control the lights! Remember to turn off the screen at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Bright light can reduce sleep time and sleep quality as well as daytime alertness. Dim the lights at night before bedtime. Try to let in natural light (or soft light) in the morning as you begin the day.

Bedtime Alarm
Over the next few days, be sure you get the sleep you need to help with the time change adjustment. Set an alarm reminding you to get ready for bed each evening. Children need 10-11 hours of sleep each night. What can you do to make sure you are getting enough sleep? Use this calculator to find out how many hours you sleep each night.




Tuesday, November 6

What does your bedroom look like? Is it neat and tidy? Or do you sleep in a pig sty? Clean up your room tonight for a better sleep zone!

Your room can affect how well you sleep at night. If your bedroom is messy, your brain might be too distracted to fall asleep. A clean room leads to the best RECHARGE!

Pick It Up
Go home tonight and tidy up your room! Listen to the fitsong, "I Need My Energy," and see how many things you can pick up. If your room is really messy, listen to more tunes from Get fit With The fit Friends songs! Complete this activity page to learn more about your sleep zone.




Wednesday, November 7

Are your favorite colors bright and bold? That's perfect for showing off your personality, but remember to keep it calm when decorating your bedroom! 

For a fantastic night's sleep, remember to use calming colors in your sleep zone...gray, white, or beige. Soft tones create a relaxing space for you to enjoy quiet activities and can help you sleep tight each night! 

Color Scheme
If you could create the perfect bedroom, what colors would you use to decorate?
The color of your walls is just one factor in making your room a sleep zone. You may not be able to change that right away, so for better sleep, try these sleep tips tonight! 




Thursday, November 8

Make your room the ultimate sleep zone! From soft blankets to dark curtains, gather everything you need and spend some time perfecting your sleep zone.

A good sleep zone is the perfect temperature, is dark at night, and has no distractions to keep you awake. A sleep zone might have dim lighting, soft blankets, comfortable pillows, shades to block sunlight, and/or uncluttered surfaces and floors.

Grade Yourself
Create a sleep zone checklist! Walk around your bedroom and give yourself a grade for each of the sleep zone suggestions in this article




Friday, November 9

Favorite features! What are your favorite things about your bedroom? Do they make up a healthy sleep zone?

Relaxing and spending quiet time in your bedroom helps you RECHARGE your energy. Stretch in the morning, read a story before bedtime, and when you catch yourself looking for something to do on the weekends, sneak into your room and enjoy the personal space. 

Create Your Space
Compare your sleep zone with Abby's bedroom. What are your favorite sleep zone features? Draw or write five things you love about your bedroom - how do they help contribute to the perfect sleep zone? Spend the weekend creating YOUR healthy sleep zone!