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Monday, September 10

How would you define "hobby"? It's basically just a word for something you like to do! 

Hobbies are a great way to RECHARGE. They give you time to do something you enjoy while also resetting your batteries. Whether it's before bed or in the middle of the afternoon, use a quiet hobby to RECHARGE this week. 

What Do You Do To RECHARGE?
Talk with a partner about your favorite hobbies. Can you modify them to become RECHARGE activities?




Tuesday, September 11

Talk about silly hobbies you've heard of. Some people collect stamps and others like to walk on tight ropes. Silly but fun!

Try a new hobby to RECHARGE today. Drawing and listening to music are two relaxing hobbies. Both of these activities help your body and mind unwind. Just 10 minutes of either will help you reset and be ready to continue making fit choices.

How can you combine RECHARGE and MOOD? Draw a picture for a friend or family member and help them boost their MOOD.




Wednesday, September 12

Work with a partner to write down three hobbies you've always wanted to try. 

What is a new hobby you've never tried? Ask friends and family members what they like to do to get an idea of something to try. Make sure it is something you'll enjoy and can do quietly.

Hobby Thoughts 
Use this template to write down the activities you try. Were they easier or harder than you thought? Journal about it!




Thursday, September 13

Did you know there are professional yoga instructors? Think about how much they RECHARGE every day!

Sometimes hobbies mean sports or games that require a lot of energy. That's not always the case though. There are plenty of hobbies that are calming and quiet that you can even add to your bedtime routine. Things like journaling and reading are two options that give you time to reflect and unwind from your day. 

Bedtime Routine 
Add something to your bedtime routine that people think of as a hobby. Try yoga if you haven't before!




Friday, September 14

Here's a challenge: try to find one hobby that gets you moving, one hobby that is relaxing, one hobby that works your brain, and one hobby that helps others! 

We surround ourselves with people that are similar to us. What do your family and friends like to do to RECHARGE? See if you can join them this weekend. Spending time with loved ones is a MOOD boost plus a RECHARGE boost. 

Weekend Challenge
Make it your goal this weekend to try one new RECHARGE activity. Join a friend while they do theirs!