Overcoming Stress

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Monday, August 6

Have you ever heard the phrase "busy like a bee"? It means being super busy like when bees are buzzing around. 

Stress means that we are pushing our body or mind past what it is used to. Sometimes that's okay because it's important to challenge yourself. But other times stress may be too much. Stressful feelings can really influence your MOOD, so next time you feel yourself getting too busy, do a fit-check and focus on your MOOD. 

Check Your MOOD
Remember that you can do a fit-check whenever you need to step back and make sure that you're making fit choices. Give yourself a cue, like a sticker on your desk or bracelet, to remind yourself to do a fit-check. 




Tuesday, August 7

Stress stress stress! Don't let it get to you! Stand up and reach for the sky to release any stress from your body. 

Between school, friends, and activities, life gets pretty busy. Even if you love all of your activities, you may still feel swamped at times. So, make sure that you dedicate some time every day to do something that Motivates Your MOOD and gives you time to relax and unwind.

Stress Be Gone
Check out this article that busts 3 rumors about stress. 




Wednesday, August 8

Make an "I can" statement. Pick one thing that is a little stressful, and say that you can accomplish it! 

Have you ever felt stressed and decided you couldn't do something? While it's important to relax when you're stressed, don't let that voice tell you that you're incapable of achieving your goals. Take a step back, Motivate Your MOOD, and get going. 

You Can Do It
Check out this article for tips on how to overcome an unconfident MOOD. 




Thursday, August 9

Turn to your neighbor and say one nice thing about him or her. Instant MOOD boost! 

What can you do to prevent yourself from getting stressed? If you have a busy week, lots of homework, or a big event, why not make a plan of the fit choices you can make? Remind yourself to do your bedtime routine, write down (or even prepare!) snacks on the go, and ask family members or friends for help. Think about all of the things you can do to overcome stressful feelings. 

Breathe to De-stress
One great way to calm down is to meditate. Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply. Place your hand on your stomach to ensure you're filling your belly with air and not just moving your shoulders up and down. Practice 5 deep breaths right now!




Friday, August 10

Get up and shake it out! Happy Friday!

It's Friday! Finish this week strong, then take time to reflect this weekend. Give yourself some alone time to think back on your week (did you make fit choices?) and to set goals for next week. 

Weekend Motivation
Pick out your favorite relaxing hobby and pencil in some time this weekend to do just that!