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Monday, July 9

Did you know that volunteering may help you live longer? Research suggests those who volunteer have healthier hearts and stronger immune systems. 

Whether you help your parents, a friend, or a classmate, the act of service won't go unnoticed. Volunteering is a great way to Motivate Your MOOD. Assist someone you know needs help.  Best of all, you'll probably motivate their MOOD, too!

Be a Valuable Volunteer
Ask an adult to help you think of ways you can volunteer in your community. You can even volunteer at home by helping cook dinner or cleaning the living room! 




Tuesday, July 10

What can you do to cheer someone up today? Turn to your neighbor and say one nice thing about him or her. 

How would you describe your MOOD when you are lonely? It's not a fun feeling! Although alone time is good, we all need to be surrounded by friends and family sometimes, too. Next time you see someone who needs a friend, go talk to them. See if you can motivate their MOOD!

Healthy and Happy 
What can you do to cheer someone else up? Watch this video and see what makes other kids happy!




Wednesday, July 11

What puts you in a MOOD? Discuss situations or times during the day when you find yourself needing to turn your MOOD around. 

One of the best ways to bust a bad MOOD is to talk it out with a close family member or friend. You can share why you're in a MOOD and what you can do to turn it around. Sometimes you just need someone to listen and other times you need advice. Either way, a trusted person in your life will be happy to help. 

Talk it Out
Follow these tips on how to work through your MOOD. 




Thursday, July 12

Did you know the record for most pieces in a puzzle is over half a million? The record puzzle was of a lotus flower and had 551,232 pieces! 

What better way to motivate your MOOD than with a puzzle? Sitting down in a quiet space to work on a puzzle gives you time to just relax. If you need to turn your MOOD around, take this time to reflect on your MOOD while giving yourself a brain boost. 

Brain Boost 
Since it's National Puzzle Day, pick out your favorite puzzle and try to complete it with a friend! 




Friday, July 13

What's your favorite way to motivate your MOOD? Share your ideas with a friend. 

Bust an "I Won't" MOOD by making a list of things you can do to turn your MOOD around. Next time you need to boost your MOOD, you'll have plenty of ideas to pick from. Remember to include options that involve helping your friends and family. 

Create a MOOD jar! Write down all of your ideas for turning your MOOD around. You can decorate the jar however you'd like!