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Monday, April 16

Happy National Crossword Puzzle Day! Word puzzles have existed for quite a while, but the first crossword puzzle was published in a New York newspaper in 1913. 

Crossword puzzles are a great brain and MOOD boost. You'll have to think outside the box to complete one but you will definitely learn a new fact each time. Another great thing about crosswords is that you don't have to do it all at once. Don't make an exucuse, just take 5 or 10 minutes to work on one next time you need a MOOD boost. 

Crazy Crosswords

Check your local paper for a crossword. You can work on it by yourself but help from a friend or family member might make it easier and more fun. 




Tuesday, April 17

Don’t want to go outside and be active? Here’s a great excuse, “I can’t go outside, because my mother’s friend’s sister’s cousin’s TV broke, so I have to share mine.”

Do you ever let excuses get in the way of making fit choices? Often, people don’t even realize that they are making an excuse when they say thing like, “It’s too cold out,” or “I don’t eat anything green,” or “I’ll do that later.” What excuses do you make?

How About that Excuse?  

Why not see what silly excuses you can make? Follow this link to view a slideshow about silly excuses and have some fun making up your own!




Wednesday, April 18

Talk with a partner about excuses you make. Give advice on how to bust that excuse!

A great way to bust an excuse is to reach out to a friend. Spending time with friends can Motivate Your MOOD. You can even talk through what types of excuses you each make and give each other advice on how to stop those excuses in their tracks!

No More Excuses!

Write out your goals for busting excuses and put it somewhere you'll see it everyday. 




Thursday, April 19

Happy Thursday! What was the first choice you made today? What is fit?

Anytime you make a choice that is good for your body and brain, you are making a fit choice. Start your day with a fit choice like stretching or eating a healthy breakfast and you will find that one fit choice leads to another!

I Don’t Want To

Are you aware of how your MOOD can influence your choices? When you say to yourself, “I don’t want to….” you let your MOOD take over. Instead, take over your MOOD and talk yourself into doing something good. Watch this video to learn more about what you can do when your MOOD gets in the way.




Friday, April 20

Weekend Challenge: Bust your excuses! When you catch yourself saying “I don’t want to,” turn your MOOD around.

Turning your MOOD around is not difficult.  All you need to do is tell yourself “I will (do …),”  then do it! If you need support, call a friend or ask a family member to join you in making the healthy choice.

Excuse Buster

Many do not realize how often they make excuses related to healthy eating. Read, “Am I really Hungry? A Food Fable” to see if you know a bored Beth, tired Thomas, sad Scott, or hungry Hannah.