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Monday, March 5

Energize your week with a daily boost! When you have a minute of down time, stretch, or MOVE that body! 

MOVE boosts your energy!

Turn your MOOD around if you're feeling lazy or tired, then MOVE. You'll feel great and be glad you made the fit choice!

Healthy FOOD choices give you the energy to MOVE! 

Hang It

Make a MOVE poster! Write or draw on this poster to remind yourself to MOVE.  Place the poster near the TV or in your bedroom to encourage you to warm-up, MOVE, or cool-down each day. 




Tuesday, March 6

Start your day with play! When you wake up and get moving, do something you love before heading off to school. No screens! Enjoy the world around you and boost your MOOD with a little MOVE! 

Jump start the day with a little morning movement. It can be something as simple as stretching. When you take a few minutes to warm up your body, your more apt to have a positive attitude all day long! Loosen up the muscles, clear the mind, and breath deeply. Now you're ready to walk, skip, or jump through the school day! 

You Choose

Write or draw how you can MOVE in the morning,
at school, at home, and other times during your day.




Wednesday, March 7

Farmers work hard all day to activate their MOVE. Can you name some animals that a farmer might take care of?

Just like farmers, you have things, such as chores, to do around the house. Find ways to MOVE while you clean, do your homework, or work outside. MOVE will boost your energy and make chores more fun!  

Moo While you MOVE!

Play a game of farm animal charades! Gather up family and friends and have one person at a time act out an animal while everyone else tries to guess!




Thursday, March 8

MOVE in your free time; anytime, anywhere! Make it fun. 

You can MOVE many times and many ways in a day! 

Do jumping jacks during commercials.

Create new versions of tried and true games you enjoy.

Listen to your favorite song and dance, dance, dance.

Try a new hobby, like fishing or gardening.

Imitate your favorite animal.

Fitness Challenge Game

When you have some down time, check out this Fitness Challenge Game




Friday, March 9

What ways can you MOVE your body at school? Be creative! Make a MOVE jar and brainstorm some moves you can do as an entire class.

Besides recess, what can you do to MOVE at school?

Stand at your desk while doing school work.

Hop on one foot while you walk to music class or recess.

Do wall sits while waiting in line.

Do arm crosses, skip, or run around the playground before playing.

fitBoost Challenge

What's the easiest way to get in a few minutes of MOVE? A fitBoost of course! Do one right now to get your heart pumping.