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Monday, October 23

It's National Dental Hygiene Month! Smile to show off your pearly whites!

Brushing your teeth is the best way to take care of your dental health but eating the right foods can help too. Foods that are high in vitamin C help your teeth and gums stay healthy and strong.  Kiwis and oranges are high in vitamin C and they're a tasty treat! 

Orange You Glad You Eat Oranges?
Learn more about oranges here. Share you favorite ways to eat oranges!




Tuesday, October 24

Today is United Nations Day, so let's learn about  food choices around the world. Think about a juicy North American orange, which is healthier—an orange or orange juice?

Oranges win the healthiest choice contest!  They contain more nutrients than their juice counterpart. And, yes the same holds true for other fruits. So grab a piece of fruit and a glass of water to do your body good. 

Quiz Time
Take a fun quiz, What Kids Eat, to see if you know which country your food comes from.

The Juice on Juice
Learn more about the juice on juice at fit4Schools.




Wednesday, October 25

Did you know that kids make around 3,000 choices every day? From what to wear to what to eat, there are a lot of opportunities to make a decision. What choices have you made today?

You make the decision to eat food multiple times every day so make it a good choice! Challenge yourself to pay attention to each food choice you make today. Is it a fit choice? If not, what can you do to swap it out for a better option? After a day of focusing on your FOOD choices, notice how much better you feel!

FOOD For Thought

Stop and think about your FOOD choices. Is the FOOD a fit choice?




Thursday, October 26

Today is National Pumpkin Day. Think about the many ways pumpkins are used. What is your favorite?

Mexico is the home of pumpkins. It’s believed that pumpkins were grown there over 7000 years ago. They are now grown in all continents except Antarctica. Pumpkins have a lot of vitamin A which helps you see clearly and fight off colds. There are plenty of ways to eat them! Bake one in the oven, puree the insides, or even roast the seeds. 

Pumpkins Everywhere!

Pumpkins are used for everything from skin lotions to meatloaf to pudding.  What is your favorite pumpkin recipe?




Friday, October 27

No matter where in the world you live, a “smart” food choice is one that packs the most nutrients for your body. So, how can you tell which is best?  Read the label!

Which ingredient is listed first?  Ingredients are listed by quantity, from most to least.

No label?? Awesome! Fresh fruit and veggies come without a label.

Food is Fuel

What kind of food do you like best? What kind of food does your family want you to eat? Learn about how food fuels your body.

We all like to eat, but are your food choices helping the inside of your body or hurting it? Eat Smarter!