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Monday, August 14

Is the new school year stressing you out? Well kiss that stress good-bye with some deep breathing!

Stress is everywhere and it can easily take over our lives. It's important to know when you need to take time to relax and refresh. Whenever you feel stressed out, stop and think about your energy level. Do some deep breathing to RECHARGE. Just a minute or two can really make a difference!

Start Your Day the Healthy Way
1. Sit up tall or lie on the floor. Pretend like a string is pulling your head to the ceiling or wall.
2. Breathe in through your nose and count slowly to 4.
3. Exhale through your mouth and count slowly to 8.
4. Repeat breathing in and exhaling 5 – 10 times.
5. Stand up and stretch your arms in the air, then to the floor.
6. Smile! You just recharged your energy!




Tuesday, August 15

Happy National Relaxation Day! Celebrate by taking time to relax this afternoon. 

National Relaxation Day is all about recharging your energy. Whether it's reading your favorite book, listening to calm music, or stretching your muscles after exercising, take time to relax in your day. 

Take a Break Basket
Make a Take a Break Basket with all of your favorite relaxing activities. You can include art supplies, playing cards, books, or more. Then next time you need to refresh your energy, grab your Take a Break Basket! 
Use this worksheet to write down things to include in your Take a Break Basket. Share your ideas with a friend!




Wednesday, August 16

It's National Friendship Week. Celebrate by doing something with a friend! Try a puzzle together, paint pictures of each other, or whatever else will boost your energy!

Do you ever feel better after playing with your friends? That’s because your friends can help you boost your energy. Whether you play a game, sing karaoke, or just talk about your day, you need your friends to help you relax. Next time you need to take time to relax, grab a friend!

Be a fit Friend!
Remember the Take a Break Basket you made earlier in the week? Pick one activity from your basket to do with a friend this afternoon. Make sure each person takes a turn choosing an activity!




Thursday, August 17

Boom! Crash! Noises and other distractions can make relaxing difficult. Escape the commotion by finding a quiet place to go and RECHARGE.

Your baby brother is crying, the dog is barking, and the TV is blaring. Sometimes you try to take time to relax, but there is just too much stuff going on! Finding a quiet place to go and RECHARGE is the best way to refresh your energy.

Relaxation Station
Turn your room into a relaxation station! Put all of your relaxing activities into a basket. You can include coloring books, puzzles, and more! Place a music player nearby and hang curtains to block out too much light. The next you need to get away and relax, slip into your Relaxation Station!




Friday, August 18

Between camps, sports practices, and other activities, your summer can get busy! With a packed schedule, it’s important to take time to relax each day.

You’re never too busy to RECHARGE your energy! In fact, you need to relax more often when you are feeling busy. Take 5 minutes between activities to read a quick book or listen to calm music. You’ll be glad you did it afterward!

Take time to relax even when you’re on the road! Next time you’re driving from activity to activity, refresh your energy by singing along to the radio or stretching your arms in the backseat.