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Monday, July 17

Disneyland opened on this day in 1955! What is your favorite Disney movie?

Watching movies is a fun activity but make sure that you don't spend too much time on the couch or you'll be more tired than you were before! Instead, you can watch just twenty minutes of a movie every time you need a RECHARGE break. Even better, lay down, close your eyes, and create your own story in your head! After you're RECHARGED, find some family and friends to help you act out the play you came up with! 

Makeup a Movie

Next time you find yourself needing to RECHARGE, why not lay down and create a movie in your mind? Use your imagination!




Tuesday, July 18

Has anyone told you that boredom is just a state of mind? It's true, you can bust your boredom by making a choice to do something fit & fun instead. 

July is National Anti-Boredom Month. Sometimes you may mistake boredom with feeling tired. Before you plop down on the couch, spend 15 minutes moving your body to RECHARGE. Play a game, talk with a friend, or do a fitBoost. Chances are, that will bust your boredom and help you feel more energized.

Bust your Boredom

Use these tips next time you feel bored. Practice recognizing the difference between boredom and other feelings! 




Wednesday, July 19

Today is National New Friends Day! Turn to your neighbor and tell them one interesting thing about yourself. Make a new friend! 

Friends provide companionship, support, and a buddy to spend time with. Some people like to have a lot of friends and others just a few. Either way, it's important to have several good friends that you can count on. Spending time with friends, especially if you need a pick me up, is a great way to RECHARGE. 


Ask your new friend to do some of these RECHARGE activities with you! 




Thursday, July 20

Checkmate! Happy National Chess Day! Did you know that there are millions of possible moves during one game of chess?

It's important to get your 10-11 hours of sleep at night but you also need to RECHARGE during the day. One way to do that is with quiet time hobbies. Activities like reading and drawing allow you to sit back and relax while keeping your brain active. Since it's National Chess Day, challenge a friend to a game! Research suggests that playing chess can boost your memory and other brain functions. 

Board Game Fun

Try your hand at chess or another board game tonight to RECHARGE. Try this version of fit Bingo.




Friday, July 21

Tomorrow is National Summer Leisure Day. What is your favorite summer leisure activity?

Tomorrow is National Summer Leisure Day! You can read a book,  do some yoga, or practice mindfulness. All of these activities help you rest and RECHARGE. Use that extra RECHARGE energy to be active by playing sport, dancing, riding your bike, or doing any MOVE activity you enjoy.


Set a goal to spend 15 minutes outside each day this weekend doing your favorite RECHARGE activity.