• December 5

    Let that sun shine on your face! Even when it's chilly, get outside. The sun gives you vitamin D and helps you feel energized. 

  • December 6

    When was the last time you did a puzzle? Relax while you do a jigsaw puzzle—easy or hard, take your pick! When you are done, frame it and put it on your wall!

  • December 7

    Stretch yourself! Literally and figureatively. Stand, take a deep breath in and touch your toes. Next, shrug your shoulders, and raise arms to the ceiling.

  • December 8

    "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss
    Pick up a book that tickles your fancy! 
  • December 9

    Today is Holiday Card Day! Take out those markers, pens and pencils and make a personalized card for someone special!

Learn about the four key factors of healthy living


Activate Healthy Choices

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About fit

fit is a health activation program from Sanford Health, developed in collaboration with WebMD to empower children and families to do the simple things each day that make healthy lifestyle choices a habit.

The fit system of resources and programs include school programs, childcare training, mobile apps, and websites showcasing fun, interesting and useful content.

fit's programs and resources build the awareness that RECHARGE and MOOD influence FOOD and MOVE choices, then activate healthy lifestyle choices.


  • MOOD: feelings and attitudes
  • RECHARGE: sleep and relaxation


  • FOOD: what and how much you eat
  • MOVE: exercise, play, and physical activity
Being fit is not just about what you eat and drink or how much you move. Being fit is about having the right mindset and enough energy to be able to choose healthy foods and to be active.